Spectus Monitoring is a Grade A1 Alarm Monitoring facility dedicated to providing quality of service to independent alarm dealers and customers alike.

Through our commitment to innovation, quality and investment in people, Spectus aims to become the premier monitoring station in Western Australia and maintaining a standard second to none in the industry.

We offer a range of flexible services to our clients and are here to work with you in a cooperative manner.

Our Control Room is Equipped with the latest Technology to ensure the best possible service for our customers. Systems and equipment that are installed take advantage of the latest technology available.


Our systems include :

* Triple incoming communications paths with primary communications being Digital Fibre Optic falling back to secondary analogue network in the event of a network failure.

* Digital Voice Logging (recording of communications on computer hard disk instead of conventional tape), which enables any queries arising with client calls to be reviewed.

* Logging of Caller ID through the digital network enabling backtracking of communications from premises that the original users may have left.

* Total redundancy on all services and equipment

* Fault Tolerant Servers and high speed network

* Safecom monitoring for secure radio transmission of alarm signals, with redundancy falling back onto phone lines