Direct Wireless

Direct Wireless, it is a stand alone unit which can connect to existing alarm control panels to deliver high grade wireless alarm monitoring to over 95% of the Australian population.

It is ideal for high risk sites as it is constantly polled and has multiple communication paths.

NBN ready. No phone line required. No transmission costs

Direct Wireless brochures are available at

New DW DTU3plusV2 manual available in PDF from

Other benefits:
* Secure Private IP Network, Dedicated for alarm monitoring only

* Up to 3 alarm reporting paths, GPRS IP-1, GPRS IP-2 and PSTN-4

* Remote Acknowledgement of all dialler alarm events

* Alarm transmission time including remote Acknowledgement = under 250 milliseconds

* Fixed monthly running cost network plans tailored to suit level of Risk

* Complies with Class 2,3 and 4 as per AS2201.5-1992

* Australian Designed and manufactured to ISO9001

Technical manuals available to our bureaus through the login section. For more information regarding supply and monitoring of Direct Wireless contact Spectus.